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"I went to Bensons having no clue where to start with buying a diamond engagement ring and Ken was as helpful as could be. He made the process much easier than I had envisioned it would be.

The ring itself came out looking spectacular and my fiance absolutely loves it. I would highly recommend Bensons for anyone looking for an easy process and amazing product. I will definitely be going back for future purchases."


~Jason G.

While all diamonds are precious, those possessing the best combination of cut, clarity, color and carat weight are the most desired due to their beauty. We call these attributes the “Four C’s” and should be used when considering a diamond.

Carat: Diamond size is measured by carat weight. The larger the diamond, the better it shows off its brilliance and beauty.

Clarity: There are natural characteristics to diamonds such as tiny crystals or "feathers" that may not be noticeable to the naked eye. The better the clarity rating, the less these inclusions affect the beauty of the diamond.

Color: Diamonds have natural colors that are graded on a scale from colorless to black. Colorless diamonds are the most rare and typically shine brighter than ones that fall lower on the scale.

Cut: The cut of the diamond is what causes light to refract and generate the sparkle, called scintillation, that is so highly coveted. The better the cut, the more brilliant the diamond will be.

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