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We take pride not only in our work, but also in the reputation we have within our community. Old friends and new friends alike bring us their precious jewelry for a myriad of reasons. We are experts at jewelry repair, restoration and design. Does an important occasion in your near future require a piece of jewelry that is extraordinary? Allow us to help build this precious memory together ...

 Jewelry Repair

Bensons Jewelers established in 1939, has worked hard to earn a reputation as a leader in jewelry repair, and building the trust and loyalty of numerous customers. Trust your diamonds with Bensons Jewelers


Most types of jewelry can be repaired in our full service jewelry repair shop. Our bench jeweler has over 35 years of experience with 24 of them at Bensons. Since we do our repairs in house, you have the security of your jewelry never leaving our hands with the added bonus of excellent quality and a quick turnaround. All repairs are backed by a six-month guarantee. Below is a partial list of services we offer.

​● Gold & Platinum Ring Sizing
● Gold & Platinum Soldering
● Prong Re-tipping 
● Pearl & Bead Restringing
● Stone Remounting

● Loose Diamond & Gemstone Tightening
● Clasp Replacement and Tightening
● Lost Diamond & Gemstone Replacement
● Jewelry Reconditioning & Restoration

 Diamond  Buying

Bensons Jewelers offers a diamond concierge service. If you have something particulary special in mind Ken will scour the world to find you the perfect diamond. Ken will hand select the perfect diamond to meet your contracted specifications.


Whether you send Ken on a personal diamond buying mission, or purchase one of the diamonds he has already hand-selected, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting stunning quality at very reasonable prices any time of year.


To take advantage of the concierge diamond buying service, please make an appointment with Ken to enjoy his undivided attention. Contact Ken  today! 

To learn more or request an appointment.

  Watch  Repair

Benson Jewelers offers a wide range of watch repair services. We offer preliminary estimates on repair at the intake of your timepiece and upon further inspection, contact you with the final estimate. If the actual cost of the repair is more than you would like to spend we will return your watch unrepaired and your deposit in full. 


We have a Certified Watchmaker on staff who can address all of your watch repair and service needs. His training enables him to work on any watch from the simplest to the most elaborate with all service work backed by a 1-year guarantee. Now you can feel confident servicing your family heirloom or reconditioning your favorite watch. Below is a partial list of services we offer.


● Wrist & Pocket Watches
● Watch Battery Replacement
● Watch Strap Replacement
● Watch Band Repair & Replacement
● Watch Crystal Replacement


● Timing Calibration
● Watch Seal Replacement
● Waterproofing / Pressure Testing
● Watch Reconditioning
● Antique Watch Restoration

""I was nervous about buying an engagement ring all together, but Bensons Jewelers made this experience not only an educational experience but a fun and exciting experience. The Knowledgeable staff and Exclusive service made me feel comfortable in my purchase. I felt like family when I entered and left their gallery. And the ring..well lets just say im glad I didn't go anywhere else. The service is unparalleled, and most importantly, the prices are reasonable. Vatche you rock!!! I'm a client for life!!!"

~Natalie K.

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